A Veritable “Nightmare On Elm Street”: A City “Diversity Commission” With Enforcement Powers

You remember “A Nightmare on Elm Street,” even though you probably didn’t see the movie. It featured “the horror icon Freddy Krueger, a serial-killer who wields a glove with four blades embedded in the fingers and kills people in their dreams, resulting in their real death in reality.”

But that was make believe. If you want to see a real horror show, take a look at what the Charlottesville City Commission is considering in real life (or what passes for real life in deep blue America): a “diversity and human rights commission with a full range of enforcement powers.”

City officials are weighing a proposal to create a taxpayer-funded body called the Charlottesville Commission on Human Rights, Diversity and Race Relations, which would be tasked with investigating claims of discrimination in private employment and housing and imposing penalties on offenders, according to the proposal put forward by the Dialogue on Race’s Government Work Group.

The commission, designed to consist of seven City Council-appointed members supported by three staff members, is estimated to cost $300,000 in its first year and about $200,000 per year thereafter, according to the proposal….

Walter F. Heinecke, the coordinator of the work group that created the proposal, said the enforcement powers are a key component of the commission.

“The enforcement powers were critical in our view. We currently have an advisory-like entity in the Dialogue on Race Steering Committee,” Heinecke said in an email. “Our team did not think, given Charlottesville’s history and current circumstances, that a commission with a mediating/advisory role would substantively address the issues of institutional racism and discrimination in town.”

Any city that would tax its citizens $300,000 for the first year and $200,000 annually thereafter to set up and maintain a judge and jury commission to investigate and enforce remedies for “institutional racism” deserves what it gets. But that’s about what you’d expect from a city whose Democrats (probably over 80% of its residents) loudly proclaim their undying devotion to “diversity” even as five years ago they left no stone unturned (or unthrown) in their successful effort to unseat the only Republican elected to the city commission in 16 years.


Say What?