Old Dominion Dems Decry Diversity!

The Hook, a weekly newspaper in Charlottesville, has an article in the current issue leading up to the city council election next Tuesday whose dramatic headline asks: “Countdown: Can Dems Retake Council?”

I’m tempted to say that question is sooooo Charlottesville, but I’m afraid it’s rather typical of Dems these days (in Charlottesville, like many other places, “Democrat” and “journalist” and “editor” are synonyms.) What, you must be asking by now, bothers me about that headline? It’s this: “retake” suggests the Democrats, now in a minority, may be poised to regain a majority on the city council. Isn’t that what it suggests to you?

Wrong! The current make-up of the city council is 4 Democrats and 1 Republican. When that one Republican, Rob Schilling, a very bright and appealing transplant from southern California, was elected in 2002, he was the first Republican to be elected to the city commission in 16 years, and is still the only one. The Democrats have launched a frenzied attack to unseat him this year.

Thus, as The Hook’s odd and misleading headline neatly reveals, to Charlottesville Democrats “retake” means ousting the only Republican and returning to a council that is made up only of Democrats.

And these Democrats, mind you, are true-blue, college town Democrats. As such, they are all such firm believers in “diversity” that they believe achieving it is important enough to justify discriminating against some people based entirely on their race or ethnicity. (That’s what racial preference requires.)

In short, the Democrats all stand for “diversity.” But they can’t stand it on the city council, where they prefer the easy harmony of lockstep, one-party groupthink.

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  1. M. J. Wise April 30, 2006 at 2:03 am | | Reply

    True Believer dems really think they are the embodiment of all that diversity has to offer and that any other viewpoint, in fact, lessens diversity. No joke. Similar thing happened in the Ann Arbor city council, where the only Republican council member retired – but fear not, the Democrats on the council have all the diversity of the Kremlin on their side so negative consequences will result!

  2. Rick Sincere May 3, 2006 at 1:06 am | | Reply

    Well, the bad news is: The Democrats “retook” Charlottesville’s City Council, with the lone opposition voice of Rob Schilling unseated. Had Schilling won, he would have been the first Republican re-elected to public office in Charlottesville since Reconstruction.

    The good news is: Due to Schilling’s hard work and diligence in ending the Jim Crow-legacy appointed school board in Charlottesville, for the first time in history on Tuesday, three people were _elected_ to the city’s school board. Two of them were African-Americans. One was an incumbent.

    The elected school board was opposed by all four Democrats on City Council. Rob Schilling singlehandedly put together a multipartisan coalition that brought a referendum to the voters, who overwhelmingly endorsed it.

    One sign of Schilling’s dedication to true diversity: the head of the local NAACP attended his election night party, surely a first for a Republican in Charlottesville.

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