Facebook Censorship?

Paul Bedard had an article in the Washington Examiner yesterday reporting that a new John McLaughlin poll of battleground states found majorities opposing social media censorship and a second impeachment of President Trump.

After searching and not finding any discussion of this article or poll on Facebook, my wife tried to post the following comment to her own Facebook page:

Perhaps this poll should reach all those who love impeachment redux, rejoice in big tech suppression of free speech and competition, and are completely sure there was no voter irregularities. A juggernaut is coming of far left policies that this blackout of American opposition is designed to suppress. This cannot end well.

So far she has been unable to post it. Is that because of some technical glitch, or could Facebook be refusing to allow criticism of itself and its favorite politicians to appear?

UPDATE 11:30 A.M.
Well, now it is there (on Helene Rosenberg’s page. Facebook must just have been slow.

A “Reverse Canceling” And Its Critics

Of course there’s really no such thing as “reverse” canceling, just as there’s no such thing as “reverse” discrimination. Canceling is canceling; discrimination is discrimination. But with that qualification in mind, please see my essay that just went up on Minding The Campus. (And despite the above qualification, the title of the essay is mine, not the editor’s.)

Preview: the essay is about what I’ve called, echoing early ACLU leader Roger Baldwin, “academic freedom for our side only.”

UVa’s Off-Center Miller Center

You probably think that the most important event today is the Senate election in Georgia. Wrong! The most noteworthy event is the appearance this morning on Minding The Campus of my second essay on the University of Virginia’s Miller Center, “The University of Virginia’s Off-Center Miller Center: Whose Reality Is Alternative?” (The first appeared here […]

If Democrats Win In Georgia, Racial Equality Loses

During the debate over Justice Barrett’s nomination, and then all during the presidential campaign, the Democrats threatened to pack the Supreme Court with liberals. If they win both Senate seats in Georgia and take over all three branches of government, they could do something equally if not more dangerous: repeal or substantially revise the 1964 […]

Befuddled Biden’s “Return To Normalcy” Besmirched, Befouled, Betrayed By Execrable Becerra Appointment

Candidate Biden (or his ventriloquists) implicitly promised to put the kibosh on the culture wars, to halt or at least slow down runaway partisanship, and return us to a more pleasant time when the political parties competed without engaging in constant total war. With the selection of California Attorney General Xavier Becerra to be secretary […]

Surprise! Americans (Even Californians) Oppose Discrimination

My essay on the defeat of Proposition 16 in California has just appeared on Minding The Campus.

The Democrats’ Double Standard On Faith

I have a new essay on City Journal, “A Double Standard on Faith: Democrats and Catholicism.” If after reading it you wish I’d written more (??), don’t worry. I have. In fact, this essay was a good deal longer before very talented editors wisely compressed it. But there is one paragraph on the cutting room […]

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