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The Chronicle Airbrushes Affirmative Action

I have a short piece up this morning on Minding The Campus, “The Chronicle Airbrushes Affirmative Action.”

Phonics … Or Not

On Instapundit yesterday Gail Heriot discussed an Oakland, California, teacher who had success teaching reading based on phonics, and the opposition that engendered among teachers and administrators who opposed that method. She concluded her post: “Phonics.  Phonics. Phonics.  It’s the approach that works.” Here’s an email I just sent her, which I thought readers who […]

Barone On Biden’s Leftward Lunge

Michael Barone’s July 6 column, “Who’s Behind Biden’s Leftward Lunge?,” is as impressive as usual, though a bit more idiosyncratic than his normal commentary. You should read his column, but, briefly, Barone argues that Biden’s views reflected those of his Delaware friends and constituents from 1972-1996. After that, when Delaware became safely Democratic,Biden too moved […]

Patriotism? Recycled Again

Following is the eleventh recycling of a blog post I first posted, here, twenty years ago, and subsequently ten different times over the years on or around July 4 — most recently last year, here. My preface to that first post explained how it had come to be published eleven years earlier, in 1991, as […]

President Claims Republicans Are “Fascists’ Tool, Threaten U.S. Liberty”

Has the president finally been driven completely bonkers by his vitriolic partisanship? Perhaps. Indeed, probably. In any event he’s channeling another Democratic president. From the front page of the New York Times, October 26, 1948: PRESIDENT LIKENS DEWEY TO HITLER AS FASCISTS’ TOOL; Says When Bigots, Profiteers Get Control of Country They Select ‘Front Man’ […]

UVa Men’s Tennis: A Dramatic, Perhaps Unique, National Championship!

[UPDATE! Those of you who have read this post my find this difficult to believe, but I actually understated UVa’s dramatic accomplishment. In discussing UVa’s almost certainly unprecedented string of 4-0 victories and the fact that it lost only one point, one singles match, on the way to the championship, I neglected to count its […]

“Equity” And The Harvard/UNC Affirmative Action Case

The Supreme Court has just granted cert to the challenges against affirmative action at Harvard and the University of North Carolina. No way, of course, to predict what the outcome will be, but it’s safe to say that at the moment progressives are nervous and conservatives are hopeful. My nominee for the most interesting fact […]

Fighting “Systemic Racism,” Promoting “Equity”

This year Seattle, like many cities, has seen a dramatic increase in shootings, “up 61% over the past four-year average.” Seattle Police Chief Adrian Diaz said in July that “We’ve seen more than a 100% increase in drive-by shootings this year alone.” But not to worry. Here come some Washington state Democrats to the rescue (of […]

Being Raised By A Gifted Child

Long-time readers of this blog (at least those of you with still serviceable memory) will recall seeing an embarrassingly large number of posts over the years charting daughter Jessie’s rather dramatic academic progress (if I do say so myself, which I do …) — skipping high school; graduating from Bryn Mawr at 17; Caltech Ph.D in […]

Now We Know What “Equitable” Means

Thanks to the Progressive Republic of Oregon, we now know what “equitable” means. A few days ago Governor Kate Brown (D, of course) signed Senate Bill 744 eliminating proficiency requirements for high school graduation. As a result, the Oregonian reports, “For the next five years, an Oregon high school diploma will be no guarantee that […]