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How Bad Is Cancel Culture?

I have an ongoing email correspondence with a good old friend (who’s also an old good friend) who doesn’t think things are as bad as I do. I respect this friend’s views. He’s sort of liberal but basically non-ideological and non-partisan and reads more widely than most. I will refrain from naming him so as […]

The End Of Civil Rights?

I have a new essay on Minding The Campus: “Systemic Racism,” “Equity,” and the End of Civil Rights. It’s something of a follow-up to: ‘Equity’?

Cancel Culture, Eugene Debs, And Free Speech

I have a new essay at City Journal discussing the confrontation between America’s greatest socialist (sorry Bernie) and cancel culture. Of course back then “cancel culture” had not yet been given its fancy name. Then it was just called repression,.

Glenn Loury, Shelby Steele: Calling A Spade A Spade

Two unusually  powerful articles have appeared in the past day or so — Glenn Loury’s “Unspeakable Truths about Racial Inequality in America” and Shelby Steele’s “How Equality Lost to ‘Equity.’” They are almost eerily similar not only in their impressive eloquence but in the arguments they make. Since it would do a disservice to each […]

Inequitable Choices?

The Chronicle of Higher Education publishes a newsletter, Race on Campus, devoted to discussing “What national conversations about racial equity and inclusion mean for you and your institution. This week’s issue features a conversation with Fatima Stanford, director of diversity for the Nutrition Obesity Research Center at Harvard, co-author of a recent article in the New […]


According to a report on Law.Com’s Corporate Counsel, “Coca-Cola is demanding that at least 30% of the lawyers on its new cases be diverse, and half of that team must be Black.” Wait, there’s more: The company’s law firms also have to provide quarterly reports on the diversity of teams working on Coca-Cola’s matters and […]


If you wonder what I think about “equity” (as well as what I think you should think), please take a look at my essay that was just posted at Minding The Campus.

Yet More Unity

SHOT October 8, 2020: Justice Department Sues Yale University for Illegal Discrimination Practices in Undergraduate Admissions. “The lawsuit is the result of a multi-year investigation into allegations of illegal discrimination contained in a complaint filed by Asian American groups concerning Yale’s conduct.” UPDATE: In summarizing its findings, the Justice Department stated that “Asian Americans and […]

Is This A Coincidence, Or Maybe Tribute To Systemic Antiracism?

Today, February 1, is NATIONAL DARK CHOCOLATE DAY and the first day of BLACK HISTORY MONTH.

Facebook Censorship?

Paul Bedard had an article in the Washington Examiner yesterday reporting that a new John McLaughlin poll of battleground states found majorities opposing social media censorship and a second impeachment of President Trump. After searching and not finding any discussion of this article or poll on Facebook, my wife tried to post the following comment to […]