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Bleemer Blooper

With a title like “Bleemer Blooper,” how can you resist reading my new essay on Minding The Campus?

New Poll: Californians, Like Most Americans, Oppose Race Preferences

The Public Policy Institute of California has just released a poll on Proposition 16, which would re-introduce affirmative action in the state by repealing the provision in the California constitution (put there by Proposition 209 in 1996) prohibiting state agencies, including colleges and universities, from preferential treatment based on race or ethnicity. The results may […]

Does Black Studies Matter … to the Exclusion of Everything Else?

Inside Higher Ed reports this morning with a straight face that The English Department at the University of Chicago, whose web page declares the it is “ranked first among English departments in the US,” wants you to know that it — yes, the Department itself — “believes that Black Lives Matter.” (Emphasis in original) It […]

How To Reduce Felonies Against Police: Virginia Democrats Outdo Themselves, Again

A year ago I began “Virginia Democrats: There They Go Again” as follows: Just when you thought Virginia Democratic officials could not possibly embarrass themselves more than they have with the governor and attorney general being exposed in old blackface photos, the lieutenant governor being caught with his pants down in sexual abuse allegations from […]

Bad Sports

You’ve probably seen the news about Bay Area professional sports teams genuflecting before California’s Proposition 16, which would repeal the state’s ban on preferential treatment based on race. Now Gail Heriot mentions on Instapundit that some friends have started a new petition demanding that they practice what they preach in terms of “looking like California.” I […]

Anti-Racism’s Threat to Academic Freedom

My new essay on Minding The Campus takes an in-depth look at the University of Pittsburg Medical School cardiologist whose excellent published article on the history of and problems with affirmative action in the medical profession was retracted, and he was removed from his position as head of a fellowship committee, after a vicious tweet storm attack […]

Merit, Contested

I have a new essay on City Journal looking at the debate over merit. UPDATE For a reason or reasons I’m still tracking down — probably having to do with glitches involved in my word processor trying and failing to open and close .docx files created in Word — a number of the links in […]

Woke Shall Overcome!

In a July 31 OpEd in the Los Angeles Times, Micah Ali, the president of the Compton Unified School District Board of Trustees, writes that “the upheaval of 2020” — the post Floyd protests and riots — has provided a unique opportunity “to begin righting historic injustices.  One of the best examples of ”systemic racism,” […]

“Diversity” At Dillard University?

The Chronicle of Higher Education ran an article yesterday on “What Equity and Student Support Mean at Institutions That Have Been at It For Generations.” It was a moderated roundtable discussion with presidents “who hailed from historically black institutions, a tribal college, and community colleges serving Hispanic and Asian American and Native American Pacific Islander […]

A Tale Of Two Riots

“A destructive, roving band of people broke into several Seattle businesses” on the night of July 22, the Seattle Post Intelligencer reports.  They “roamed about the Capitol Hill neighborhood, doing massive amounts of property damage, looting, shooting fireworks, and committing arson.” Moving on, the mob broke into businesses, looted, started fires, and then “used baseball […]