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Stanford’s Words For The Woke

Stanford wants to improve its — and by implication, our — language. When the British say, “Can I have a word?,” that’s generally a request for a chat in private. Here, when a student is told, “The principal wants to have a word with you,” the kid knows he’s in trouble. In the current instance, […]

Martin Luther King, Redux Redux …

On a number of Martin Luther King days past I have posted version of the following. Since these comments still seem relevant, I post one version, linking others, here: On a past Martin Luther King day, several years ago, I noted (“Dishonoring Martin Luther King, Jr.”) that one of the saddest commentaries on the sorry […]

“Equity”: Disparate Impact, Unhinged

Long-time correspondent, former western newspaper editor Linda Seebach, comments on my recent Stanford post that “A lot of the mischief has been enabled by “disparate impact” as a legal justification for lawsuits. Maybe that needs to go too.” That is such a good point that I want to address it in a post rather than replying to […]

Affirmative Action Pro And Con

An old and good friend sent the following partial comment on my essay about affirmative action at Stanford linked in my last post: I remain a supporter of diversity on campus, because I think that there is an important difference between keeping members of a group out due to prejudice and taking pains to admit […]

Affirmative Action At Stanford, Then And Now

Stanford has been much in the news lately because of its woefully woke list of words that one should not use for fear of offending someone, like “American” or “stupid” (maybe that was listed to protect the list from criticism), but there is also other news from my alma mater that is equally discouraging. I […]

Diversity As “Racial Parity”?

Critics of “diversity”-justified racial preference have long maintained its real goal was “racial balance for its own sake,” which has repeatedly been held unconstitutional. Now it seems that its defenders agree with our criticism. “At This Rate, Faculty Diversity Will Never Reach Parity,” an article two days ago in the Chronicle of Higher Education under […]

The Chronicle Airbrushes Affirmative Action

I have a short piece up this morning on Minding The Campus, “The Chronicle Airbrushes Affirmative Action.”

Phonics … Or Not

On Instapundit yesterday Gail Heriot discussed an Oakland, California, teacher who had success teaching reading based on phonics, and the opposition that engendered among teachers and administrators who opposed that method. She concluded her post: “Phonics.  Phonics. Phonics.  It’s the approach that works.” Here’s an email I just sent her, which I thought readers who […]

Barone On Biden’s Leftward Lunge

Michael Barone’s July 6 column, “Who’s Behind Biden’s Leftward Lunge?,” is as impressive as usual, though a bit more idiosyncratic than his normal commentary. You should read his column, but, briefly, Barone argues that Biden’s views reflected those of his Delaware friends and constituents from 1972-1996. After that, when Delaware became safely Democratic,Biden too moved […]

Patriotism? Recycled Again

Following is the eleventh recycling of a blog post I first posted, here, twenty years ago, and subsequently ten different times over the years on or around July 4 — most recently last year, here. My preface to that first post explained how it had come to be published eleven years earlier, in 1991, as […]