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Surprise! Americans (Even Californians) Oppose Discrimination

My essay on the defeat of Proposition 16 in California has just appeared on Minding The Campus.

The Democrats’ Double Standard On Faith

I have a new essay on City Journal, “A Double Standard on Faith: Democrats and Catholicism.” If after reading it you wish I’d written more (??), don’t worry. I have. In fact, this essay was a good deal longer before very talented editors wisely compressed it. But there is one paragraph on the cutting room […]

A Few Progressive Contradictions

Keeping track of progressive contradictions (for fracking? against fracking? etc.) would be a full-time, blog-filling job. I have neither the time nor the inclination to take on that task, but here are a few recent ones that come to mind: Mazie Hirono and others accused Amy Coney Barrett of slandering LGBTQ people by using the term […]

Two Unpublished Letters To The Editor On Prop. 16

First, to the San Diego Union Tribune: To The Editor Your article, “Californians back racial justice but are not rushing to reinstate affirmative action” (Sept. 26), suggests voters must be suffering from “confusion” since, according to two recent polls, they support racial justice but oppose affirmative action. But there is no confusion. These apparently conflicting […]

Amy Coney Barrett, Reading Literally v. Construing Liberally, and Bush v. Gore Redux?

I have a new essay that just went up at City Journal: “Bush v. Gore Redux? The Coming Supreme Court Conflict Over Election Law.”  Long-time readers with good memories may recall that I’ve written many times here about the liberal-conservative split over reading literally v. construing liberally. One or two thoughts from those posts found […]

Bleemer Blooper

With a title like “Bleemer Blooper,” how can you resist reading my new essay on Minding The Campus?

New Poll: Californians, Like Most Americans, Oppose Race Preferences

The Public Policy Institute of California has just released a poll on Proposition 16, which would re-introduce affirmative action in the state by repealing the provision in the California constitution (put there by Proposition 209 in 1996) prohibiting state agencies, including colleges and universities, from preferential treatment based on race or ethnicity. The results may […]

Does Black Studies Matter … to the Exclusion of Everything Else?

Inside Higher Ed reports this morning with a straight face that The English Department at the University of Chicago, whose web page declares the it is “ranked first among English departments in the US,” wants you to know that it — yes, the Department itself — “believes that Black Lives Matter.” (Emphasis in original) It […]

How To Reduce Felonies Against Police: Virginia Democrats Outdo Themselves, Again

A year ago I began “Virginia Democrats: There They Go Again” as follows: Just when you thought Virginia Democratic officials could not possibly embarrass themselves more than they have with the governor and attorney general being exposed in old blackface photos, the lieutenant governor being caught with his pants down in sexual abuse allegations from […]

Bad Sports

You’ve probably seen the news about Bay Area professional sports teams genuflecting before California’s Proposition 16, which would repeal the state’s ban on preferential treatment based on race. Now Gail Heriot mentions on Instapundit that some friends have started a new petition demanding that they practice what they preach in terms of “looking like California.” I […]