Claudine Gay: The Kamala Harris Of Harvard

Claudine Gay is the Kamala Harris of Harvard, both affirmative action hires fighting far above their weight.

Although in her resignation letter Gay laments the “doubt cast on my commitments to confronting hate and to upholding scholarly rigor” [doubt?], she emphasizes that it was “frightening to be subjected to personal attacks and threats fueled by racial animus.”

Although Gay stops short of asserting that she was fired because of her race, her most belligerent defenders have been less circumspect.

As Aaron Sibarium pointed out in the Washington Free Beacon,

Randall Kennedy, a Harvard Law School professor, told the New York Times that the plagiarism charges were ginned up by “professional vilifiers” and “bad faith” actors—and went on to suggest the university may not cooperate with the congressional investigation underway into its adjudication of Gay’s work.

Another Harvard lawyer, Charles Fried, was more explicit, describing the allegations as an “extreme right-wing attack on elite institutions.”

“If it came from some other quarter, I might be granting it some credence,” he told the Times. “But not from these people.”

Similarly, over 700 Harvard faculty members signed a letter urging the Harvard Corporation to resist the sinister “political pressures … dictated by outside forces.” Gay’s Harvard defenders, in fact, sound for all the world like those Southern segregationists — I can say this with some authority since I grew up in Alabama — who blamed all support for civil rights on “outside agitators.”

Whatever the reason, Harvard is now rid of its first black president, perhaps suggesting that “last hired, first fired” has now come to DEI.

Say What?