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How Much Discrimination Results From Racial Preference?

In a comment to this post below, “Cobra,” a frequent commenter here, challenged me to support my assertion in the post that although eliminating racial preferences would not eliminate all racial discrimination it “would eliminate quite a lot” of it. “Easy,” I replied. As practiced almost everywhere “affirmative action” is employed, preferences are given to […]

The Degradation Of American Liberalism

For most of its recent history — for virtually all of its 20th Century history — perhaps the two most fundamental, core commitments of American liberalism were its devotion to free speech and its determined opposition to racial discrimination. Notice I said “were” rather than “have been,” because unfortunately both of those twin, identifying principles […]

Preferences, Principles, And Hypocrisy In Higher Education

One of the most corrosive effects of slavery, segregation, and racial discrimination was the hypocrisy they required of those who practiced or benefitted from them while still professing a commitment to the principle of equality. The most famous example of this glaring inconsistency is, of course, the slave-owing author of the Declaration of Independence, but […]

Michigan By The Numbers (cont.)

In the immediately preceding post I began my discussion of discrimination by the numbers by quoting from a “Q&A re University of Michigan Admissions Policies” provided by Michigan on its web site of legal materials regarding its affirmative action cases before the Supreme Court. Because I first had to check with daughter Jessie about the […]

Michigan By The Numbers

As I wrote most recently several posts below criticizing an OpEd by NAACP LDF attorney-director Theodore Shaw (“Justification For Preferences? C’est Moi!“), one of the necessary and hence common claims of the preferentialists is that “racial preferences do not involve discrimination because most whites, Asians, etc., who are rejected from selective schools are not rejected […]

Regulating The Racial Market

As Mickey Kaus has just reminded us, “every reporter knows if you have three examples you have a trend.” I myself have just noticed a trend, and it’s not pretty. Since I’m not a reporter I’m going to mention only two examples, but I think you’ll agree they represent, well, a trend. I call it, […]

Diversity And School Transfers: Diversity For Whom?

The deadline (January 16) is fast approaching for the administration to decide whether to file a brief in the Michigan affirmative action cases and, if they do, what to say about whether “diversity” is compelling enough to justify racial discrimination. There has been no shortage of criticism of diversity — that it is not “real” […]

Separation of Race and State

Separation of Race and State — No, that’s not a typo. I meant to say race, not church. But first we in fact do have to go to church. By now I know you’re probably all tired of vouchers, but please bear with me. I want to suggest that the principle articulately defended in the […]