Title IX Strikes Again…

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… Men’s soccer and cross country at the University of Richmond the latest casualties.

As Inside Higher Ed reports today, the University of Richmond has decided to drop men’s soccer and cross country teams in order to add men’s lacrosse.

The University of Richmond is eliminating its men’s soccer and track and field teams to make way for a men’s lacrosse team, The Washington Post reported Thursday, for unclear reasons but with help from a $3 million endowment spearheaded by major, anonymous donors.

For unclear reasons? Inside Higher Ed must have read some other Washington Post article. The one it linked and that I read stated clearly that a panel Richmond created

[met] for an hour and a half every Tuesday for “about 10 months,” according to [Athletic Director Jim] Miller … to determine whether to maintain the status quo, add or reduce sports.

In April 2012, the panel presented its findings to the Board of Trustees. According to Miller, the task force concluded that adding men’s lacrosse, without eliminating any sports, would cost the university $2 million and 20 extra admissions spots, not to mention the additional funds and admission spots necessary to create an additional women’s sport for the school to remain compliant with Title IX gender-equity regulations. [Emphasis added]

Not to worry: Inside Higher Ed didn’t mention it.


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