Back to Bryn Mawr –

Back to Bryn Mawr – Sorry I’ve been out of commission for a coupla days. We had to take Jessie and a surprising amount of her stuff (where did it all come from over the summer?) back to Bryn Mawr.

The good news is that she has a wonderful room, in a turret at the top of her dorm and on a floor with only 10 girls, er, women (one of whom is her good buddy Hanah), their own common room, kitchen, and laundry. Of course, there are no bad rooms at Bryn Mawr. The bad new is that it’s on the fourth floor, and as I said there was a LOT of stuff to take up. But the good news is that there is a big dumb waiter to haul up boxes, etc. But the bad news is that it only goes as far as the third floor. So I’m bushed….

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