The Emergence Of A New Minority

“Female students have gone from being a minority to a majority of undergraduate enrollments in the United States over the last generation,” the Chronicle of Higher Education reports today.

The report, which draws on data from government agencies and several continuing studies of high-school and college students, also says that the trends are more apparent among some racial and socioeconomic groups than others. For example, while women made up 56 percent of all undergraduates in 2001 (up from 42 percent in 1970), women accounted for 63 percent of black students, 62 percent of students over the age of 39, and 70 percent of single-parent students.

I assume these figures will lead diversiphiles to tailor their preference programs to reflect these new realities, i.e., reduce or eliminate any preferences for women, black or white, until the representation of men, especially black men, is equal. Right?

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  1. Adaoma June 3, 2005 at 12:03 pm | | Reply

    If not “equal”, then, higher representation should be a goal. Poor and lower middle class African American men, whose ancestors were American slaves continue to be underrepresented in our universities. Upper middle class African and West Indian male immigrants are better represented, especially in the “elite” schools. More college educated African American men would uplift the African American family and begin to hoist the African American population towards a better quality of life.

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