According to a report on Law.Com’s Corporate Counsel, “Coca-Cola is demanding that at least 30% of the lawyers on its new cases be diverse, and half of that team must be Black.”

Wait, there’s more:

The company’s law firms also have to provide quarterly reports on the diversity of teams working on Coca-Cola’s matters and explain how origination credit is awarded to those lawyers.

Firms that fail to meet the requirements for two consecutive quarters will lose 30% of their fees as part of a nonrefundable penalty. Continued failure could result in the firm losing the company’s business entirely.

Quotas All The Way Down?

The report does not say whether QuotaCola will require its law firms to require quotas of their suppliers.

With regard to the non-discrimination conception of civil rights embodied in the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and believed by liberals for a few years afterward, QuotaCola — It’s not The Real Thingtm

Finally, query: How can you tell whether a lawyer is “diverse”?

Say What?