How Bad Is Cancel Culture?

I have an ongoing email correspondence with a good old friend (who’s also an old good friend) who doesn’t think things are as bad as I do. I respect this friend’s views. He’s sort of liberal but basically non-ideological and non-partisan and reads more widely than most. I will refrain from naming him so as not to endanger his relationships with his liberal, i.e, not so open-minded, friends.

In any event, since it’s impossible to comprehend how bad cancel culture has become without reading widely on conservative sites, I thought it might be useful to collect a few of the sorts of examples of cancel culture and spreading general nuttiness that unfortunately pop up every day. I don’t see how one could see this sort of stuff day after day and not think we have a real problem.

Here are a few from the last few days.

This sort of behavior may have become the new normal, but it’s not normal.

Say What?