Facebook Censorship?

Paul Bedard had an article in the Washington Examiner yesterday reporting that a new John McLaughlin poll of battleground states found majorities opposing social media censorship and a second impeachment of President Trump.

After searching and not finding any discussion of this article or poll on Facebook, my wife tried to post the following comment to her own Facebook page:

Perhaps this poll should reach all those who love impeachment redux, rejoice in big tech suppression of free speech and competition, and are completely sure there was no voter irregularities. A juggernaut is coming of far left policies that this blackout of American opposition is designed to suppress. This cannot end well.

So far she has been unable to post it. Is that because of some technical glitch, or could Facebook be refusing to allow criticism of itself and its favorite politicians to appear?

UPDATE 11:30 A.M.
Well, now it is there (on Helene Rosenberg’s page. Facebook must just have been slow.

Say What?