Black Lives Matter On The Ballot

It appears as though President Trump has decided to make the November 3 election, insofar as he can, a choice between his support for traditional American values and principles and those who denigrate them, deface statues of our heroes, and pledge to replace them with those favored by Black Lives Matter. Whether or not that stark choice remains at the center of the coming campaign, there is another vote on November 3 — for or against Proposition 16 in California — where it will be front and center.

In 1996 55% of voters in California chose to add a provision to their state constitution, Proposition 209,  prohibiting racial preferences. Proposition 16, if passed, would repeal that provision. Thus the coming vote on Prop. 16 will determine whether a majority of Californians still believe that Americans should be treated “without regard to race, creed, or color,” or whether they now want to replace that core value (formerly core value?) with a state-sponsored racial spoils system.

I discuss Proposition 16 in a new essay on the still-thriving Minding The Campus (now under the auspices of the National Association of Scholars), “Black Lives Matter on the Ballot.”

Say What?