Virginia Democrats: There They Go Again

Just when you thought Virginia Democratic officials could not possibly embarrass themselves more than they have with the governor and attorney general being exposed in old blackface photos, the lieutenant governor being caught with his pants down in sexual abuse allegations from several quarters, and the governor defending fourth trimester post partum-abortion, they have proved they are up to the seemingly impossible task.

Today President Trump’s speech in Jamestown celebrating the 400th anniversary of representative government in Virginia was disrupted by Democratic state delegate Ibraheem Samirah, who according to the Republican Party of Virginia, which had previously called, unsuccessfully, for the Democratic caucus to disavow him because he “has a history of posting virulently anti-Semitic propaganda on his Facebook page to include calling Israel worse than the KKK and questioning the significance of the Holocaust.”

Delegate Samirah was not the only Virginia Democrat protesting the president’s speech. Members of the Legislative Black Caucus, USA Today reports, “boycotted Trump’s appearance in Jamestown, saying the slavery anniversary made his attendance inappropriate.”

“It is impossible to ignore the emblem of hate and disdain that the President represents,” the caucus said in a statement. “Furthermore, his repeated attacks on Black legislators and comments about Black communities makes him ill-suited to honor and commemorate such a monumental period in history.”

So far, other Virginia Democrats have not been heard to criticize Delegate Samiyah or the members of the legislative black caucus. Perhaps they think having their own local Squad will be useful.

Say What?