“Special Treatment” For Gay Illegals?

“Gay illegal immigrants demand special treatment from Obama,” The Washington Times reported yesterday.

Hispanic and immigrant rights groups want Mr. Obama to broaden his 2012 “deferred action” policy granting tentative legal status and work permits to so-called dreamers, or young adults who were brought illegally to the U.S. as minors, so it will include illegal immigrant parents whose children are either U.S. citizens or dreamers.

But the 2012 policy for dreamers excludes immigrants with major criminal records, and gay rights activists fear if Mr. Obama keeps those restrictions in place, it would end up excluding many members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community who, because of their lifestyles, end up with higher rates of criminal records, Mr. Gutierrez said.

Meanwhile, limiting any policy only to parents could exclude most gay illegal immigrants, whom activists estimate could total more than 250,000.

The exact nature of the “special treatment” being sought was not specified in the article. Excluding criminals from any new leniency shown to illegals by the president … except for gay criminals? Creating a new category of parents and gays so that a benefit can be bestowed on parents without excluding childless gays?

Say What?