Steinberg: Gun Control Starts At Home

Neil Steinberg, a columnist, for the Chicago Sun Times, has an idea about to begin gun control. He doesn’t like guns, and like all good liberals thinks other people own too many of them, but as a lark he wanted to get a concealed carry permit (now that the Seventh Circuit has told Illinois it must recognize that the Second Amendment is in fact governing law) because “as a columnist, I thought it would be interesting to carry a gun around. As a stunt. Buy the gun, take the course, conceal and carry. See what happens.”

Alas, his wife wouldn’t let him.

“Not in my house,” she said, severely. I explained what a sharp column it would be. Front-page stuff! It wouldn’t be forever; I could sell the gun back. She didn’t care a bleep what I had in mind: no gun. Period.

Because guns are dangerous.

Steinberg’s wife might not let him have his “stunt” with a gun, but at least she left him with the idea for what he obviously believes is “a sharp column.”

No, actually I think my wife nailed it, as she often does. “Not in my house.” Is that not a manageable start?
I believe we have too many guns, yes. But I also believe that the National Rifle Association is a convenient bogeyman for lazy liberal consciences that need to see dozens of first-graders die before they rouse themselves, temporarily. Any one of a hundred Democratic plutocrats could match the NRA’s spending tomorrow, and it wouldn’t mean a thing…. “Not in my house” — that’s a start, a small but important step, and you don’t need to hire lobbyists to make it work.

What a splendid idea! Of course for it to be the beginning of a movement this renunciation of guns cannot be done silently. Every defenseless weapon-free residence will have to proudly announce itself as a “Gun-Free Home.” Such a bold proclamation in front windows will no doubt be as effective in deterring armed evil-doers intent on violence as all those “Gun Free Zone” signs on schools, malls, and movie theaters have proven to be.

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  1. CaptDMO December 18, 2012 at 1:01 pm | | Reply

    Wouldn’t his wife’s demands, as well as her insistance that it was “her” house, run afoul of domestic “violence” laws, as well as provisions considered in legislation of (neutered) VAWA, as outlined in The Duluth Power Wheel?

    Surely there’s some organisation providing “access” to recourse, that will allow
    Mr. Steinberg to procede…in the lifestyle to which he has become accoustomed?

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