Quotas Anyone?

In an interview with the Daily Caller, National Organization of Women president Terry O’Neill called for “complete gender parity” in Obama’s cabinet and presumably elsewhere.

“I think that if half of the cabinet were women and half of the Supreme Court and half of Congress were women, we would see a lot more policies for expanding education and health care and social services that allow communities to thrive,” O’Neill explained. “We’d see a lot less spending on military weapons systems, and we would also see a lot less of the most powerful, moneyed people not paying their fair share.”

This, as usual, is less a call for “gender parity” than for liberal uniformity. Some staff person must have forgotten to remind Ms. O’Neill that feminists routinely oppose quotas.

Say What? (1)

  1. CaptDMO December 9, 2012 at 11:54 am | | Reply

    “This, as usual, is less a call for “gender parity” than for liberal uniformity…”
    Oh, is “gender”(hyphen)”parity” this weeks code-speak for gynocentric (hyphen) socialism fairness oxymoron, enforced by Facism? Surely special taxes such as Affordable “Health” Care and “Violence” Against Women laws already address that? Can we expect the “tax” burden of disparate outcomes in Planned Parenthood,VAWA,domestic “violence”,workplace “harassment”,
    to suddenly vaporize if we’d just abandon democracy and merit for “parity” and “quota candidate”?
    (How’s that actually working out for acadamia’s prodegy, DESPITE “gub’mint contracts”)

    At what point do latest “quota” university/non-descript gub’mint appointed agency “studies” predict that” rationing” must be re-doubled, for the children BORN with a US$16+x10^12 “asset” liability?

    How’s that HP stock doing?
    How’s that Middle East “management” issue going?
    How’s the compassionate California (hypen)”someone elses’s fault” Bankruptcy management going?
    Are the nice folk calling themselves N.O.W. “owning” their fair share of that?

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