How Can MSNBC Blame Racism For Connecticut School Shooting?

If you thought that even MSNBC couldn’t find racism underlying a white man shooting white children and teachers who were almost all white, you’d be wrong.

In his Sunday MSNBC show, Up, host Chris Hayes said he thought “a more invasive surveillance regime” might be one of the policy effects of the mass shooting at the Sandy Hook elementary school. Salon columnist David Sirota agreed, “but said that the political impediment to that was the fact that most mass shooting suspects are white.”

“The issue with it will be, politically, I think; the profile is white men,” Sirota said. “That’s a profile that’s not, essentially, in America allowed to be profiled. That’s the one profile in America that’s not allowed to be profiled.”

Sirota said that he thought that, if the shooter belonged to a different demographic, the debate about how to address this mass shooting would be “much uglier.” Hayes agreed.

Does this mean that the left now favors racial profiling … of whites?

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  1. soren December 17, 2012 at 12:19 am | | Reply

    It isn’t just white men… there have been quite a few asian rage shooters too… the Oregon Mall, Virginia Tech, and that Discovery Channel episode IIRC.

    Rage shooters are less likely to be black… they’re more likely to be white (and asian) beta males who have slipped through the cracks… they’re not getting laid, they have a tough time interacting with society, and they feel like they have a bleak future. There is more pressure on them than with latinos and black to succeed and there are less outlets for them to seek help.

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