“Diversity,” Princeton-Style

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At National Review Online this morning Jay Nordlinger reports, citing the Daily Princetonian,

that 157 members of Princeton University’s faculty or staff have donated to the two presidential candidates. One hundred fifty-five donated to Obama; two donated to Romney. The two who donated to Romney were a visiting lecturer in engineering and a janitor.

According to that Daily Princetonian article, “[t]otal donations directly to Obama exceeded $169,000, while donations to Romney summed to exactly $1,901.” Appropriately enough, “Sociology professor Douglas Massey GS ’78 led the faculty in presidential donations this year, donating $5,169 to Obama.” That is hardly surprising, since Massey seems to have devoted most of his academic career to assembling scholarly defenses of racial preference policies, which he usually refers to delicately as “racially sensitive” admissions.

A few of my criticisms of Massey’s work(s) can be found here, here, here, and here (see especially the third and fourth links).

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  1. Connor November 10, 2012 at 5:18 pm | | Reply

    You have a good job, white skin and many other earned/unearned advantages. Yet, you focus on a few sad negroes and spics getting a little help in your white inferno, Amerikkka. Has your supposedly superior white brain ever thought “Gee, perhaps the Sotomayors and Aff. Action Flunkees may all be part and parcel design of the greater white conspiracy?” Of course not.

    Your simple mind thinks in the politics and stupid party lines, words, definitions and thoughts of a white man deluded. How sad, you without any perspective, all the advantages and you still dont get “it”.

    Perhaps if you looked at certain minority intelligence programs located in NYC you would find true geniuses. The catch, my friend is, that only the least intelligent and most subservient to the White Cause make it. You probably have no clue what I am talking about, but just think about it.
    Minorities are setup for failure in this country, and the few that are let advance, are usually minions and puppets. I am sure you dont think that minorities in power are there due to their intellect? Perhaps the smarter minorities are being held back so blowjobs like you can get ahead with little or no competition.

    Ahhh, but to no avail. See, for every Anthony Mason and Fuckerberg, there are millions of Asians, Indians specifically, Carribeans and Latin Americans waiting in the wings and awakening to the false American Dream and opportunity. For every Barry that you bash, there is a Mr. Keyes, for every white Bush, there is a Ron Paul. However, I am sure your superior intellect knows this.

    Instead of insinuating, disparaging and alluding to your hatred and chip on your shoulder. (Boo hooo, Jose Lopez got a scholarship to some shitty white man school where he can be taught Masonic lies, white man is the best and greek literature…) Perhaps you can help your suicidal brethren as they swallow themselves whole in bullshit party politics, Illuminati schemes, false flags and Economic Terrorism.

    But of course, its all the dumb darkies and their free educations thats ruining the country. Not the all white Federal Reserve, European Pagan Death Cult Culture and multiple facets of White Sociopathy and schemes.

    Connect with nature and the rest of humanity. Surprise, there are Millions more white people with positions, jobs and status they dont deserve. Ever worked on Wall Street?

    Also, for a person of your supposed “education” to toe party lines, and actually engage in the humorous dialect which is American Politics, is a waste of the brain you claim to have.

    Why am I responding or even trying to communicate with a lost soul like you? I find it scary that in the last stages of the White Empire’s Suicidal demise (see Banking, Politics, Policy), you are more concerned with showcasing your superiority, racist ideologies and white man bullshit. This is the same arrogant bigotry which will hurt this once great nation, and has also rung the death bell on the mostly bigoted CONservative, Republican party.

    Lastly, whats scarier is that people like you, with vast amounts of resources pumped into you (yet you whine about Aff. Action), waste this time and intellect on such petty, puny thoughts. Whats also scary is that people like you run the planet and honestly, truly, believe in your superiority.

    There are secret intelligence programs, consuming tax payer money, aimed at dislodging the psyche of minorities via internet presence and trolling. What a huge waste of resources at a time when we should all be united. Perhaps I am the ignoramus for trying to get through to a person with a white Moloch as the lone logo on their page. Go figure.

    How sad.

Say What?