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Now We Can Have A Real Culture War!

Thank goodness for Maureen Dowd. If she didn’t exist, and the New York Times hadn’t found her, we’d have had to invent her in order to have a proper mouthpiece for the haughtily condescending, superior, superciliously snide view our bi-coastal betters have of us benighted (and if conservative, evil) middle Americans who live in small […]

Is Obama “Uppity”?

One of the most dramatically ridiculous example of the “race cards” played several weeks ago — or, if you’re a Democrat, one of the most sensitive, perceptive, and erudite deconstructions and translations of evil, dirty, Republican racist code words — came from all-around expert on everything (just ask him), David Gergen, former advisor to everyone. […]

Abraham Obama

At the Democratic Convention Al Gore, never given to understatement, compared Obama to Abraham Lincoln. Gore praised Obama as a great orator with the power to inspire others, and suggested he shared the finest characteristics of another Illinois politician now generally considered to be America’s greatest president. Gore also used Lincoln to take on Republican […]

Robinson Redux

There he goes again. Long time, or even short time, readers will know that I often have some fun at the expense of Washington Post affirmative action columnist, and one of MSNBC’s talking head Obamanauts, Eugene Robinson. See here for a recent example, citing a number of earlier ones. In his column today Robinson replays […]

Obama: Today, Rorshach Inkblot; Tomorrow, ?

Abigail and Stephan Thernstrom ask a series of penetrating questions whose answers will determine whether President Obama will work to heal our racial divide … or exacerbate it. Sen. Obama’s words were very pretty Thursday — and reassuring. But if believes, as most African Americans do, that American society today is fundamentally warped by racism, […]

Prof Charges UCLA Admissions Cheating, Resigns From Committee

On National Review’s phi beta cons blog, Robert VerBruggen points to a devastating 89 page report by political science professor Tim Groseclose criticizing admissions cheating by UCLA officials. I shall probably have more to say about this report once I’ve had time to read the whole thing. Meanwhile, here is Prof. Groseclose’s Summary: A growing […]

Juan Williams’ Plea To Obama

Juan Williams has an eloquent — although, I’m afraid, futile — plea to Obama to, finally, “take a stand” on race issues. After paying hopeful homage to the promise he sees in Obama’s biracial background, Williams writes: Yet given this central racial dynamic, it is incredible that on any issue of racial consequence Mr. Obama […]

Obama Tries To Censor Critical Ad

The Associated Press reports that the Obama campaign is trying to force broadcast stations not to air an ad critical of of Obama’s ties with unrepentant 60s domestic terrorist William Ayers. Barack Obama is striking back fiercely and swiftly to stamp out an ad that links him to a 1960s radical, eager to demonstrate a […]


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Big Bang Biden?

Barack Obama has often been accused of being too full of himself, of looking in the mirror and seeing not simply a future president but a profile for the next carving on Mount Rushmore. His infatuation with himself, seemingly buying into the myth of Barack as The One, the new Messiah, has been fueled by […]