Stigma? Another Example

Black billionaire Robert Johnson owns the Charlotte Bobcats, a professional basketball team, but …

Johnson’s ownership of the Bobcats is not “part of some NBA affirmative-action program,” he is quick to point out. He paid $350 million for the club, mostly with his own money. His goals are for the Bobcats to flourish in the standings and at the cash register. The three men have no intention of following anyone else’s social agenda. They want to win.

For some odd reason Johnson seems to think it important that he received no special favors in purchasing the Bobcats (he paid for the team, mainly with his own money), and he doesn’t want the team to follow “anyone else’s social agenda” but to be judged by the same standards that apply to all: winning.

No one, in short, should think of Johnson’s purchase as “part of some NBA affirmative action program.” What does that suggest about how Johnson thinks — and how we should think — of deals/admissions/employment that are part of some affirmative action program?

Say What?