Cynical Ideologues

Edward Lazarus has written a cynically ideological critique of both Democrats and Republicans (but primarily Republicans) for being cynically ideological in the Estrada debate. I find his analysis about as perceptive as commentary on a schoolyard brawl. Example:

In short, in the Estrada nomination, an irresistible cynical force has met an unmovable cynical object. Is there any more that can be said about all this except “a pox on both your houses”?

Or, put differently, is there some way to make a reasonable judgment about which side should back down – the President by withdrawing Estrada, or the Senate Democrats by ending their filibuster?

I think the answer is yes….

The President, as the first mover in the nomination and confirmation process, started the problem. He is therefore more culpable in creating the current stalemate, and accordingly should back down.

Maybe there’s insight here that I missed. It wouldn’t be the first time. But you’ll have to go read it to find out.

Say What?