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Class, Not Race? No, Race Plus Class

Both the Washington Post, in an OpEd, and the Chronicle of Higher Education, in a long article (link requires subscription), discuss a new report issued today by the Century Foundation calling for affirmative action based on socioeconomic status. Actually, despite most press attention being given to the call for economic preferences, the report actually recommends […]

The Good Guys

The Chronicle of Higher Education has a long article tracing the rise and influence of the leading advocacy groups opposing racial preferences: the Center for Equal Opportunity; the Center for Individual Rights, and the American Civil Rights Institute, with the National Association of Scholars and the Pacific Legal Foundation in supporting roles (link requires subscription). […]

The New Jews

Joanne Jacobs has a fascinating post quoting from an article in the Detroit News demonstrating that Asians, not whites, benefit the most when racial preferences are eliminated. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the article, however, is its comparison of contemporary affirmative action policies with the quotas that for a long time restricted the number […]

Another Puff Piece For “Diversity”

The Washington Post has an Associated Press article that can best be described as a pro-preferences puff piece. The state of Tennessee provides an Institute for Pre-Law whose mission is to prepare blacks (and, apparently, only blacks) for law school. Although according to the article it does a good job, this sounds like one of […]

The Downside Of Diversity: “Hate Bias” At UVa

The University of Virginia, still reeling from the alleged racist assault on Daisy Lundy (discussed in detail in eight posts here this month; still no arrest, by the way), now has a “hate bias” incident to deal with. “Hate bias,” for any of you who have not (yet) read Erin O’Connor’s discussion of it today, […]

Jessie In Philadelphia Inquirer!

Today in its “Community Voices” section, under the heading, “Affirmative Re-Action,” the Philadelphia Inquirer published some student comments on affirmative action and diversity. If you scroll down through (or read) the pieces by the Villanovians (it was the “Main Line” edition; hence the absence of student voices from Penn, Temple, etc.), you will find Jessie’s […]

Race: One Among Many Factors?

If there is one refrain that is repeated, mantra-like, over and over again by defenders of racial preferences, it is that race is only “one of many factors” in admissions decisions. The quotes are ubiquitous, as in the president of the University of Michigan, Mary Sue Coleman’s, repeated assertions that “there is no effective substitute […]

Affirmative Action: Establishment Darling

Defenders of racial preferences usually see themselves as defenders of the downtrodden, but Linda Greenhouse’s article in today’s New York Times “Week in Review” makes abundantly clear that if affirmative action is preserved by the Supreme Court, it will be because “an establishment tidal wave that rose up to claim the Supreme Court as its […]

Equality As Parity

It is becoming increasingly clear, as noted in several recent posts, that for a wide swath of elite opinion in this country the principle of racial equality now requires, rather than bars, racial discrimination. The core value is no longer an absence of discrimination; it is the presence of “parity.” Indeed, this view has become […]

Glenn Loury And The Coming (?) Confederacy Of Races

Glenn Loury, a black Boston University economist, used to be a conservative. He used to be a critic of affirmative action. In an influential symposium on affirmative action in Commentary magazine (March 1998), he explained: I have been criticizing affirmative-action policies for over fifteen years, in congressional testimony, in popular and scholarly articles, and in […]