Elian in Reverse

I agree with Dean Esmay that anyone who missed it should hasten over to WSJ’s OpinionJournal, sit down with a drink of something stronger than coffee or water, and read William McGurn’s stomach-turning article, “‘I Am An American’: The State Department sends in the Marines to consign a U.S. citizen to Saudi hell.”

It’s the deportation of Elian, in reverse. Back then I wrote an article, “Hillary Flip-Flops on Kids Rights” (Wall Street Journal, 4/27/2000, p. A26; link/search requires registration/fee), noting that Hillary Clinton had abandoned the position at the foundation of her legal career, a series of articles arguing that childen can have legally recognized rights at odds with their parents, and the competency to assert them in court.

There were those (I was one) who regarded the deportation of Elian as akin to a slave mother drowning as she swam to freedom with her child only to have the child ripped from his relatives in the North and returned to his loyal Uncle Tom father who, when offered freedom with his son, chose to remain on the plantation. Anyone who felt that way then who does not protest to the State Department now is guilty of Hillary-class hypocrisy.

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